Thursday, July 7, 2011

Starting Out

I'm new to blogging, so there will be some tweaks and updates now and then, as I work out the details and look of this blog. 
This is the summer of jam for me. My goal is to step up my game and go from a skilled hobbyist to an expert in making fruit preserves, including jam, jelly, conserve and marmalade. Most of the time I'll be using the recipes from cookbooks and other sources, and also trying out some of my own. Also, it will be necessary to include pickles and tomato products, since I can't resist them either. I have some family and friends who promise to help in the canning, and others who will help with the tasting. We can discuss local sources of fruit and vegetables, a bit about jars and equipment, and hopefully make the labor intensive process of jamming a little less laborious. At the end of every batch, remember, are jars full of a  really delicious and really unique homemade product to eat. That's the fun!

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